How ethical consideration affects human resource management essay

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In Western countries, issues relating to the diversity of the workforce may include gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, immigration status, social class, political association, marital status and sexual orientation.

The description should note responsibilities that would be unusual in home country. Therefore, another person becomes disadvantaged on the same grounds3. State influence The role of the state has influence on HR policy and practice, particularly in factors such as job security. The French were more action-oriented and the British more procedural.

State influence The role of the state has influence on HR policy and practice, particularly in factors such as job security.

The employment of foreigners may involve lower direct labor costs, but indirect cost such as language training, health services, recruitment, transportation and so on may be substantial. On the organizational level, equity has to do with perceptions that people have about how they are treated compared to others.

The Importance of Ethics in Human Resources

Sherman, Bohlander, and Snell; Organizations with employees in many different countries face some special compensation pressures. Ethical concepts such as rights, duties and responsibilities build the structure of social relations. This involves informing the employees about the dangers they run by accepting the job.

For instance a sales oriented organisation may rely heavily on commission, while a manufacturing company may rely on measured output as a means of implementation of the policy.

About this resource This Management essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. National companies do not become global companies immediately. However the requirement of such policies and procedures can also not be denied. These strategic objectives should be implemented only by observing the principles of equality between men and women and non-discrimination in employment.

Other moral right of employees The right to humane working conditions, in which the psychosomatic health and integrity of employees is not endangered, is one of the ethical issues concerning the status of employees. There are different schools of thought that differ in their viewpoint on role of ethics or ethics in human resource development.

The nature of employee and labor relations varies form country to country. They provide an example supplied by Purcell et al of two Tesco stores each operating the same Tesco HRM policies but with very different performance levels. They define the field of individual authority and specify what exactly do individuals owe to each other and what they owe to the community.

People and products are moved extensively across national boundaries to meet company demands. Union recognition and its role in collective bargaining which sets the terms and conditions of many employees is another differentiating factor as in most European countries there is a legal requirement of employers over a certain size to recognise unions for consultative purposes Harris et al This view of ethics in human resources management is not the only one to be anchored in spirituality.

Being treated with equity is to be treated fairly and impartially compared with a group of people or other relevant person 3. Best practice bundles can include employment security, selective hiring and sophisticated selection, extensive training and development, employee involvement, self-managed teams, reduction of status differences and high compensation tied to organisational performance.Human resource management systems are expected to communicate ethical values and so improve company performance.

In the absence of a fully separate ethics department, HR departments can struggle with this ethical burden.

Essay: Managing Global Human Resources

How Ethical Consideration Affects Human Resource Management You will encounter many decisions in your career. How you choose to handle them will outline your ethical values. The best companies value their employees just as much as their customers.

In a paper entitled "Proposal of an Ethical Model for Human Resource Management”, Abren J.L. and M.H. Badii, two researchers at a university in Mexico, present a model for ethical management in terms of the Zoroastrian religion 1.

Society For Human Resource Management. director of the Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility at Georgia State University and author of Shaping.

Human Resource Management: Policies and Procedures Introduction. Variations in human resource management (HRM) policy and practices are discussed in the context of understanding why such differences exist within different organisations, and what the.

Human resource management (HRM) policies are continuing guidelines on the approach an organisation intends to adopt in managing its employees. They define the philosophies and values of the organisation on how people should be treated.

How ethical consideration affects human resource management essay
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